Frequently Asked Questions



How do we get around such a large garden for our photos?

We have available an electric golf buggy with a driver so you are taken personally to all the best photographic locations.

What is the best time of year to hold my wedding for photography in your garden?

Every season has its own garden wedding advantages.  Spring has the most flower, while Autumn & early Winter start to bring in those golden hues. Never forget about Winter. The days are usually sunny and the gardens are still full of life. Early and late Summer are also worth considering. Please click on the images below to see our garden during the different seasons of the year.



How many guests can be accommodated in the barn for my wedding ceremony?

If you wish to seat all your guests our barn will hold 80 people. If you are happy for some guests to stand the barn will hold 120 guests.

How do we play music in the barn?

Live music is perfect in the barn and we have some musicians we can recommend. Alternatively, we use our iPad in the barn. We usually get brides to create a public Spotify playlist for their ceremony and we will manage the music for you on the day.

Should our Celebrant bring their own PA System?


How many microphones do you have?

We have 1 microphone.

Do we have to set up the ceremony space?

No, we do all of that for you.

Do we have to provide florals for the ceremony space?

We use seasonal greenery from the garden. If you would like specific florals to be used, these will need to be provided.

Do you have a PA System?

We have a portable PA system for the gardens.

What if it rains and I’m having a garden ceremony?

You don’t need to worry!! We have the Barn as a beautiful wet weather option. We also have umbrellas for you and your bridal party.

Is the barn heated and air conditioned?


Are children welcome in the garden?

We advise against bringing children as we have numerous unfenced bodies of water which are hazardous for young children.


What is the address of Albion Farm Gardens to put on the invitations?

869 Paterson Road, WOODVILLE

What is the address of the barn to put on the invitations?

Albion Way – 837 Paterson Road, WOODVILLE

What is the address of Gracemere to put on the invitations?

893 Paterson Road, WOODVILLE

What is the address of the Woodville School of Arts to put on the Invitations?

868 Paterson Road, WOODVILLE


There is ample parking at the Barn. If you are having your reception at the Woodville School of Arts and a ceremony in the gardens, we encourage the guests to park at the hall. If the ceremony is at Gracemere we have the guests park along the road just outside the Gracemere entrance.


What is the bed configuration in the cottage?

Bedroom One: 1 Queen Bed

Bedroom Two: 2 single beds

Bedroom Three: 1 double bed

Is there an iron in the cottage?


Is there a microwave in the cottage?


The Woodville School of Arts

What time is the “curfew”?

All music and amplified sound must cease at 11 pm and the Facility vacated by midnight on each day of hire.

Do we need to hire a cool room?

Yes, your caterer should be able to help you with this.

Where are the best places in the garden to hold my wedding photographs?

There are many locations in the garden where your photographer could feature you. Our most popular are the Wisteria Walk, the Boston Ivy Rotunda, the Muse or the Boat House Garden near the ornamental Lake.